Skymed Nitrile Gloves(Pack of 100Pcs)

Skymed Nitrile Gloves(Pack of 100Pcs)

Easy Donning, Excellent Comfort,High Quality ,High Resistance to wearing ,Low protein, Fitwith hands,100pcs/Box


  • Features

    Skymed surgical gloves are made from natural rubber latex which provides excellent tactile sensitivityand comfort. Latex material is known to have very high elasticity.

    Skymed gloves are made with extra rough surface for better instrument grip without compromising on sensitivity.

    We offer sterile, nonsterile and examination gloves in various sizes. Skymed gloves are in strict compliance with international standards.

  • Return policy

    Returns of the product will be strictly approved on managemnets discretion depending on the order placed.


  • Terms & Conditions

    Order will be fullfilled on a Min.Quantity of 1000boxes.

    NO Advance payment required.

    Product quality is assured by SGS inspection report.

    Shipping Arrangements will be either FOB or CIF depending on the order placed.