Cranberry Nitrile Gloves-LUXE(Pack of 300Pcs)

Cranberry Nitrile Gloves-LUXE(Pack of 300Pcs)

Soft and luxurious. LUXE nitrile, the first 300 count coated gloves in the market, is our newest powder free nitrile gloves packed with our exclusive blend of Lanolin and Vitamin E. This formulation is clinically proven to maximize moisture retention that prevents dryness, itching, and cracked skin.

500 box(MOQ)

  • Features


    NuSoft™ formulation provides exceptional tactile sensitivity. Full hand textured in azure blue color.


    Coated with a proprietary formulation of lanolin and vitamin E created to soothe symptoms of dehydration and irritation.


    Ultra 300 Saver Pack reduces storage space and packaging waste.

  • Return policy

    Returns of the product will be strictly approved on managemnets discretion depending on the order placed.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Order will be fullfilled on a Min. Quantity of 500boxes.

    NO Advance payment required.

    Product quality is assured by SGS inspection report.

    Shipping Arrangements will be either FOB or CIF depending on the order placed.