Cranberry Nitrile Gloves- Carbon Air(Pack of 300Pcs)

Cranberry Nitrile Gloves- Carbon Air(Pack of 300Pcs)

Nitrile powder free, Fingertip texture, Moisture lock technology...


500 box(MOQ)

  • Features


    Enhanced fingertip texture for superior handling and increased control. Distinct black color to minimize visible stains during use.

    Cranberry's renowned coated gloves are clinically proven to greatly reduce skin irritation from daily  glove donning   and hand washing.

    Our Moisture Lock series helps protect by preventing skin irritation such as dryness, itching, and cracked skin with unique lanolin and vitamin formulations.

    Nitrile gloves are a great alternative for those that are prone to skin irritation and allergic reactions.

    Nitrile gloves offer the same strong durability and superior level of protection as traditional latex gloves with increased tactile sensitivity, tear resistance, and a more comfortable fit.

    Cranberry offers a variety of options from our Nitrile Classic series with innovative features guaranteed to fit your unique needs.

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    Order will be fullfilled on a Min.Quantity of 500boxes.

    NO Advance payment required.

    Product quality is assured by SGS inspection report.

    Shipping Arrangements will be either FOB or CIF depending on the order placed.